Have The Bella Twins Re-Signed With WWE?; Details On Future Plans For The Divas Title

Although Nikki Bella captured the WWE Divas Championship from Beth Phoenix on RAW this past Monday, the word making the rounds is that she and her twin sister Brie are still on their way out of the company when their contracts officially expire next Tuesday at midnight.

In regards to plans for the Divas Title once The Bellas are gone, the plan is for Kharma to return and take the title off of Nikki and eventually face Beth Phoenix. Rumor has it that Kharma will be returning either during Extreme Rules this Sunday, similar to her initial debut with the company, or on RAW next Monday.

WWE has wanted to have a match between Beth Phoenix and Kharma going back to when Kharma, real name Kia Stevens, signed with the company back in December of 2010. The original plan was for Kharma to return for WrestleMania to challenge Phoenix for the title, but it was changed because Stevens was still in an emotional state from the loss of her first child prior to birth.

The plan is for Kharma to fulfill her promise back when she announced her pregnancy on the May 30th, 2011 episode of RAW and “destroy” The Bellas, which would write them off of television and out of the company. Kharma would hold the Divas Title for awhile and eventually clash with Phoenix, most likely at SummerSlam.

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